The Top Ten Zombie Movies


Whilst I May Not 100% Agree With The Order He’s Put Them In, Y’all Do Know I Love Love LOVE Me Some ZOMBIE Flicks. Period. Today, Fogs Has Picked-Out 10 Of The Very VERY Best For Everyone.
It’s An Impressive List, To Say The Least.
So, Kick-It-Back And Enjoy This One, My Peeps.
You Shant Be Disappointed, Fo SHO!!!

Originally posted on Fogs' Movie Reviews:

BT-Top-10-May-2012With the impending release of “World War Z”, I thought the timing was perfect to do a top ten of one of my favorite types of horror movies, the Zombie Movie!

Believe it or not, Zombie movies are actually a pretty diverse sub-genre. They range from straight up horror movies and gorefests to low-budget campy films to outright comedies. Hell, earlier this year there was even a Zombie rom com (“Warm Bodies”)!

bannerWith such a wide range of movies to choose from it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to ten! Click through to see what made the list!

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