BRADLEY -Vs- “DARK CITY”: A Rematch 15 Years In The Making!

Opening Night.


I Was There.

I’ll Never Forget That Night, Honestly.

Dark_City_poster (via Wikipedia)

My Friends And I Had Decided Long Before It Was Released We Would Be Seeing This One On Said Opening Night.

Back In The 1980s And 1990s, That’s What Everyone Did On A Friday Night. You’d Meet-Up With Your Friends And You’d Head To The Local Movie Theater.

It Was Almost Like A Ritual. We Simply HAD HAD HAD To Go See Something.

Living In A Small Midwestern Town, It’s What We Had To Do.

It Was Our Best Option For Having A Good Time. It Was Either That, Or Go Walk Around The Mall.

I Know, Right, We Were Lame.


…We All Loaded-Up And Drove A Few Towns Over To The Much Larger Theater.

It’s About A 25-Minute Drive.

(((well we probably made it in less than 20-minutes, but it's SUPPOSED to take longer)))

Upon Entering The Theater, I Was Immediately Horrified To Find It Totally Packed.

The Only Seats Left Weren’t Ideal, To Say The Least.

We Took Said Seats, Anyway.

We Weren’t About To Miss This Flick.


Sadly, The Theater Was BLAZING-ASS-HOT!

Not Hot As In “Hip & Cool”…


…I Mean It Was F-in’ HOT HOT HOT Like Hell’ishly HOT!

Like 714-Degrees HOT!

It Was February, And Therefore Cold Outside.

So, The Theater People Had The Heat Cranked Allllll The Way Up.

That’s How It Felt, Anyway.

Couple That With A Totally Packed House, And Yeah.


The People Sitting In Front Of My Friends And I Never Stopped Gabbing. Someone’s Pocket-Pager Went Off Like 10-Times. I Couldn’t Follow The Plot Very Well Because Of The Distractions And Became Very Confused As To What The Hell Was Really Going On.

It Was All Too Much.

Add In The Fact That “DARK CITY” Is A Dark, Slower-Paced Thriller And It Becomes Easier To Understand Why I Left The Theater Afterward Vowing To NEVER Watch This Flick Ever Ever EVER AGAIN!

And I Didn’t.

For 15 Years, My Vow Stood Strong And Unwavering.

That Is, Until Very Recently.



It Had Totally Tainted My View Of The Movie.

You See, I Took-Out My Frustrations Of The Night On The Film. I Shouldn’t Have, But I Did.

My Bad.

Upon Watching It Again, Finally, After 15 Years, I Finally Realized I Had Made A Horrid Mistake.

DARK CITY” Really Is A Quality Flick, My Peeps.

Watching It In The Comfort Of My Own Home, Without Distractions, I Was Able To Finally Appreciate It For What It Is.


It’s Well Acted.


It’s Well Directed.

(((craftily done by ALEX PROYAS whom also directed another favorite of mine "THE CROW")))

The Sets And Special F/X Are Very Cool.

The Plot Can Be A Touch Confusing At Times, But You’ll Eventually Get It In The End.

All In All, I Was Saddened It Had Taken Me So Long To Finally Give It Another Chance.

BUT, In The End, I’m Super Glad I Did.

DARK CITY” Deserved Better Than What It Got.

It Deserved Better Than What I Gave It.

SO, Here I Am, Trying To Rectify The Problem.


If You’ve Seen This One, GREAT.

If You’ve Not, Well, DO SO.

Some People Can’t Get Enough Of “DARK CITY“…

…Some People Can’t F-in’ Stand It.


My Curiosity Abounds.

;)     :D     ;)

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

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8 responses to “BRADLEY -Vs- “DARK CITY”: A Rematch 15 Years In The Making!

    • I Was CONVINCED I Hated It.
      But I Think It Was Just That Experience That Made Me Hate It.
      Watching It Again, And Understanding What The F Was Going On, And Being In A Comfortable Setting, I Really Enjoyed It.
      So, Yeah, Give It Another Go.
      Lemme Know What You Think, Dear!!! :D

  1. I agree. For whatever reason, probably the ones you listed, I didn’t like it when we saw it that night. But after so much time passed I completely forgot why I didn’t like it and watched it not that long ago…and liked it. It was clever in a sort of Matrix meets Brazil sort of way.

    • Even Though It Came Out A Whole Year BEFORE “The Matrix”, That’s Another Funny Part To Me.
      I Also Compared It With A That Martixy Feel.
      Then I Was Like, Shouldn’t I Be Saying “The Matrix” Had A Sort Of “Dark City” Element To It???

  2. You know, I haven’t seen this since it came out either. However, I own the disc (I have for years) and have been planning to watch it again in the next couple months.

    Bonus: I live 20 minutes from Shell Beach. No foolin’.

      • Man, I can’t find my own ass with both hands and a flashlight. But according to Mapquest, it’s just a short jaunt on Highways 1 & 101.

        • Or Was It Highway 2 and 105?
          Or Maybe It Was Route 3 To The North?
          Or, No, Wait, You Head Downtown and Take Main Street Until You Reach The Interstate… …Right?
          Ya Know, I Really Don’t Recall. ;P

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