When I Feel The Love, I Have To Share The Love! An Excellent Friday Night Read!! I Especially LOVE The Inclusion Of “UNCLE SAM” On This List!!! Talk About A Link To Some Wonderfully Fun Memories!!!! hahahaha -B.

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Here is some more gory goodness for you Horror Hounds out there! You all know who you are, too. My buddy, Dave from Last Road Reviews has contributed this very cool post of his Top 5 Underrated Horror Flicks of the 1990′s. Dave and I go way back and his great horror reviews are not to be missed.
His Lobby Card and Poster Galleries which showcase awesome movie artwork are the best. His site is entertaining and informative. I always end up learning something about the film he writes about which is no easy feat but Dave makes it look simple. Here is one post of his I really enjoyed -
Here is the link to Dave’s awesome Horror Movie Site, enjoy! -
So here are 5 movies from the 90s I find very underrated. I only picked 5 to make…

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