I’ve Recently Fallin’ In A Deep Deep Lust Over This Song. This Simple, Beautiful Song. I Find The Lyrics Very Fitting, Actually, And The Melody Goes Right Along With It.
It’s Beautiful.
No Other Word Describes It So Well For Me.
I Sincerely Hope Y’all Enjoy It, My Peeps
Ms. Jaz, Thank You For Posting It.
It’s Sincerely Appreciated.

Originally posted on CYMRY:

Well here it is, the video I have been promising everyone. This is the song I was referring to the other day. It was written about 13 years ago after I had suffered a terrible relationship blow. I won’t go into the sordid details but my heart was broken. It was produced at Cunningham Audio by my producer Don in 2001 and was released on my solo album “Sublime Evolution”. This song has really started to change. I hadn’t played it for a long time and just started playing it again recently. It is really developing into a song that I love, though painful. I really hope that you enjoy. The images are courtesy of my good friend Lisa Brunetti at Zeebra Designs in Costa Rica another of my wonderful WordPress friends! Thank you Lisa!

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