One Of My Favorite Pieces To Lend My Rebloggin’ing Power To. Since My Work Has Been A Bit Depressing…
…I’ve Decided To Combat That With Pure Comedic GOLD!
Enjoy, My Peeps!
I’m Sure Smak Would Be Proud, Fo SHO!

Originally posted on Promethean Times:

By Smaktakula

We Admire Your Indefatigability, But It’s Been Almost Twenty-Six Years. He’s Gone.

In which we comment on the headlines of the day without first bothering to read the stories.


Money lessons from a lifelong teacher ~ If this guy knew the first thing about money, he would have chosen a more lucrative profession.

When Mommy writes naughty books ~ Mommy is an award-winning writer of erotic fiction. And a whore.

Chef David Viens convicted of killing, cooking wife Most damning, several of the guests complained that Viens’ signature flambé d’Rhonda in white plumb sauce was both insipid and jejune, and moreover, that the chef’s bizarre pairing of a 1992 Mouton was not at all complimentary.

16 Ways Your Trash Could be Your Treasure ~ And 16,000,000 ways it’s not.

14-Year-Old Charged with Killing Newborn Son and Hiding in Shoebox ~ Please be on the lookout…

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