In What Way Is “FRENCH CONNECTION II” (1975) Superior To “THE FRENCH CONNECTION” (1971)???

Two Words, My Peeps:



(((Period Does NOT Count Here, Dammit.)))


*** ***

*** ***


...Won The ACADEMY AWARD For BEST ACTOR Of 1971 For His Portrayal Of The Character Of "POPEYE" DOYLE In...


...And It Was Very VERY Much Deserved.

Based On This, If We Were Going By The Power And Drive Behind Said Portrayal...


...The Math Says...


...Would/Should Have EASILY Walked Away With THREE (3) OSCARS In 1975, For...


...Maybe More.


He's THAT GOOD, My Peeps.

In Fact, He's Absolutely Brilliant.

Yet He Didn't Even Pull A Nomination For The Second Film.


So Much For Math, Eh?!

New York City Police Detective "POPEYE" DOYLE Is A Classic Character Among Classic-Classic Characters...

...But He Wouldn't Be, If Not For The Efforts Of...


.Period Period.

Two More Words For Y'all, My Peeps:


.Period Period Perod.

To Find-Out The Significance Of Those Two Words, You'll Have To See The Second Film.


...I Always Tell People The Same Thing:

"Watch BOTH Films, THEN Come Tell Me What YOU Think."

And I Stick By That.



...Is A Really Special Treat.



...To Me...

...Is Even More So.

The Key To This Is...

...Oh Yeah...


:D     :D

I Love The First Film, Though Have Always Considered It To Be A TAD Overrated.

I Love LOVE The Second Film, And Consider It To Be One Of THE MOST Underrated Films Of ALL-TIME.

I Suggest You Give Them Both A Go, Kiddies.

I Doubt You'll Be Disappointed.

I'm Already Curious As To What You'll Say!


Here's Hoping Y'all Have A Damned Decent Day, My Peeps.

Do What You Can, At The Least.

Hang In There.

Take Care.

Be Good.


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11 responses to “In What Way Is “FRENCH CONNECTION II” (1975) Superior To “THE FRENCH CONNECTION” (1971)???

    • The Car Chase Is The Most Famous Scene In The First Film, That’s Fo SHO. Kinda Like The Chase In “Bullitt” Is Remembered More So Than The Rest Of The Film.
      “French Connection II” Is Totally Carried By Gene Hackman. There’s Nothing Super Fancy About It, Other Than It Takes Place In France.
      It’s Directed By John Frankenheimer, Who’s A Major Personal Favorite Of Mine.
      It’s An Exceptional Flick, RK.
      They Both Are, Really. :)
      Hope Your Traveling Went Well Enough, Sir.
      I Look Forward To Hearing About It ;)


  1. Love Gene Hackman, Brad..
    I’ve seen The French Connection – Fabulous
    I don’t know what ‘Cold Turkey’ implies, so it must have been the first movie I’ve seen… I’ll look into the second one, Brad… (A visit to the local store coming up.)


    • Once You’ve Seen “French Connection II” You’ll Understand The Meaning Behind “Cold Turkey” As It’s A Main Sequence In The Film That Truly Shows Mr. Hackman Flex Those Acting Chops Of His. :)
      You’ll Appreciate It, I’m Sure, Ms. Carolyn! :D


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