Thinking Aloud: Post-HALLOWEEN-Edition: “Ever Since My Trip To CHICAGO…

…I’ve Been Drawn-To, And Excited-By, The Film “THE GREY” Starring LIAM NEESON.”

I’ve Been Fixated Upon-It, Actually.

SEE !!!


I’m SURE You’ve Noticed, But…

…I Really Just Can’t Help Myself.

The First Time I Saw It, I Liked It.

But, I Convinced Myself I Didn’t Like It So Much.

And Then I Watched-It A Second Time.

I Knew I Couldn’t Convince Myself To Dislike It Any Longer, So I Just Let The Greatness Of It Wash Over Me.

Then I Saw It A Third Time.

Then A Fourth.

I Just Can’t Help Myself.

To Me, It’s Like It Was After The First Time I Saw “KRULL” !!!

I Wanted To Watch It Again, And Again, AND AGAIN !!!

I Was The Same Way With A Few Other Choice-Flicks.

I Remember Doing It When “TOMBSTONE” Came Out.

I Remember Doing It When “LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL“…


…1ST Came Out.

I Remember Doing It When “ARMY OF DARKNESS” Came Out.

There Are Other Examples, But Needless To Say It Happens To Me At Times.




…Latest, Personal Craze.

To ME…


…Is Now…


So Special, In-Fact, That I Can’t Stop Thinking About It.

It’s Directly Related To Having Received It AND Had My Second Viewing Of It While In The Second City Itself…



The Film Makes Me Think…

…And Reflect…

…And Think Whilst I Reflect.


…Is Now…



A Reminder Of Being In The Company Of Those I Missed Most.

A Reminder That Some Things DO Deserve A Second Chance.

A Reminder To Think How I DO Think, Not How I SHOULD Think, Or FORCE MYSELF To Think.


…Of Course…



That Really Sums It All Up.

Does That Work For You ???

It Sure As Hell Works For Me !!!

;)       :)       :D

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6 responses to “Thinking Aloud: Post-HALLOWEEN-Edition: “Ever Since My Trip To CHICAGO…

  1. Awesome, Brad. Sadly, I haven’t seen most of the movies you mention, believe it or not (I’ve only seen part of Krull), but I love Tombstone. I saw it on Christmas Day 1993 with a bunch of friends. Great memory.

    I’m also glad that your disc of “Grey” is not only a movie you love, but is a physical reminder of an awesome time. Things wear out, memories do not.


  2. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:

    I Sat Down This Evening With My Man And Watched “THE GREY” With Him.
    He’d Never Seen It Before, And I Felt The Need To Leap Upon His “THE GREY” Virgin-Status And Showed It Off.
    I Think He Really REALLY Enjoyed It, Which Is A Major Plus In My Book.
    I Love The Film.
    I Love Everything About It.
    So That Just Made Watching It Tonight, With Him, That Much More Special!!! :D


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