What Can I Say…
…I Truly Enjoy “Halloween III”.
No Foolies, My Peeps.
Once You Learn That The “Halloween” Series Was NOT Supposed To Just Be About “Michael Myers” But Was Supposed To Be A New Scary Halloween Story That Has Nothing Really To Do With The Flick That Preceded It. A Collection Of Scary Stories, Ya Know?!
Oh Well.
This Was Very Cool, And Very Well Written.
Good Stuff, My Peeps.

Originally posted on Hard Ticket to Home Video:

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1983)


*Spoilers Throughout*

What’s It About: The film opens with an elderly man fleeing for his life. It takes a while to figure out who or what is pursuing him but he eventually is attacked by white, middle-aged men in gray business suits. Republicans? Perhaps but he outsmarts one who is (slowly) choking him by putting a car into neutral and crushing him against another car. He seeks refuge at a gas station and telling the unlucky attendant that “They’re coming!” while holding a rubber jack-o-lantern Halloween mask. WHERE IS MICHAEL MYERS?!

He is then sent to the hospital where we meet Dr. Challis (Tom Atkins) who is then told by the guy that “They’re going to kill us. All of us.” They dismiss his warning as ramblings and sedate him for the night. Later on, another man in a business suit enters the…

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  1. Oof. They didn’t have to make this movie. They didn’t have to trick me into reading the novelization. I think I told you that the first chapter is entitled “The Night He Came Home Again.” JUKE!


  2. Yeah, man. This was just a bad, bad film. Doubt I could ever watch it again. Still, if I listed some of the movies I’ve enjoyed over the years, I would get some very strange looks, so just ignore me and I’ll go away.


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