Greetings From Chicago, My Peeps!

Yes Yes Yes…

…I’m Very Aware That It’s After 5AM…

…But What’s Wrong With That?!

Besides The Fact I’m The Only Person Still Awake.

And Besides The Fact I Haven’t Slept In Over 24-Hours.

Okay, AND Besides The Fact That I’m So Wide Awake It Ain’t Even Funny.

I’m Having A Ball.

Lots Of Wonderful Conversations…

…Excellent Food…

…Spending A Little Time In The Company Of Those I Hold Most Dear.

It’s F-in GREAT!!!

I Know I Should Be Sleeping, But I’ve Such A Good Time That I’m Totally Amped-Up.

What To Do, What To Do?


Guess I Could Watch One Of The Xmas Gifts I Received Upon Arrival.

I Was Gifted TWO (2) Blu-ray Movies!!!

I Received A Copy Of…





Those Damned Dastardly Evil Wolves!!!


I Also Received The Crown Jewel Of Blu-ray Wants For Myself…



:D       :D

:D       :D       :D

And I Can Even Give Y’all A Quicky Review For Them Both Using Only One Line Of Text, Each.



Nice, Quick, Easy, Painless, Perfect.




…I’ve Been Here For Like 12-Hours…

…And I’ve Already Had Enough Of A Great Time To Totally Justify The Trip!

I Still Know I Totally Will NEVER Want To Live In The Big City Again…

…But It’s  TOTALLY Worth A Weekend Visit.

Smalltown Life Just Suits Me More So.

What’Ya’Gonna’Do, Ya Know?!


We Like What We Like…

…And We Knnow What We’re Capable Of.




Anyway, My Peeps…

…Y’all Enjoy Your Weekend!

I’ll Do My Best To Enjoy Myself, Also!

I’ll Holla More So When I Have Some Time To Work-Work On Ye Ole Bloggin’ing!

Until Then… ;)

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7 responses to “Greetings From Chicago, My Peeps!

  1. I knew you were gonna have a ball in Chicago! And even though it’s after 5 AM, it’s only 3 AM in the civilized parts of the world.

    Have a wonderful time, and f*** sleep if you’re having a good time. Remember, Brad–one of the things about positive experiences is that they’re with us forever. Unlike a possession (say the discs you got, which was pretty damn cool), this memory will never break, will never wear out and will never seem dated.

    I’m really happy for you, Bro.


  2. We almost rented Prometheus last night…so I’m pleased to note the good review. (next weekend for sure) Sounds like you are having fun as usual! And don’t worry…Plenty of time to sleep when you are old..;)


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