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Sweet.  Jiminy.  Christmas.

See?  Told you . . .I cannot wait for this . . .

Sorry, Sean Connery, but Daniel Craig has seriously taken over as the best James Bond ever.  Actually, he did that in Casino Royale.  It just looks like he is continuing the trend of super Badassery (that’s a technical term).

This is directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition).

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  1. Wow! I’m so out of the loop that when I first saw this I thought “Skyfall–is that some new video game movie?”

    This looks awesome! I was disappointed by Quantum of Solace, but Casino Royale totally reignited my love for James Bond, and sent me back to the books for the first time in years. Daniel Craig IS (at least from a literary point of view; perhaps not if the films are taken just as films and lacking a literary context) the best bond yet. He’s charming, handsome and sophisticated but (and this is vitally important to capturing Fleming’s ‘hero’) at his heart he is a brute and a monster. Fortunately, he’s OUR monster.


  2. I fully agree. Daniel Craig, IMHO, is everything the James Bond should be: cool & calm under pressure; a dry wit that’s not full-of-it; cold & calculating & ruthless like an assassin oughta be; yet fiercely loyal & dedicated to his purpose & ideals. And he certainly showed us his caring side in Casino Royale! I can’t wait for this third installment :) Kim*


  3. It’s Another Case Of THE BEST Vs MY FAVORITE.
    Who Is/Was THE BEST BOND? Daniel Craig
    Who Is/Was MY FAVORITE BOND? Roger Moore
    Y’all Must Remember…
    …OCTOPUSSY and A VIEW TO A KILL Were My Introduction To Bond Back In 1985. Roger Hooked Me Into The Series…
    …Now I Own Every Bond Flick EXCEPT For This One, “Skyfall”.
    Sean Connery Was Great. Timothy Dalton Was Very Good. Loved Pierce Brosnan. And George Lazenby Was NOT As Bad As Many Folks Believe.
    I Guess I Could Make The Case That I’m Simply A BOND Fan, And Try To Take Each Actor Accordingly.
    …’ish. ;)


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