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The Traitor.
GO CARDS!!! ;)

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AP Photo/Chris Carlson

The Los Angeles Angels are paying Albert Pujols a lot of money to hit home runs.

In the first year of a $240 million contract, the Angels’ new slugger was expected to add a massive power presence in the middle of the lineup. But for more than a month, Pujols was still without a single home run.

Not really an ideal situation for a team that won just 11 of their first 28 games and found themselves 7.5 games out of first place in the AL West on May 5, dead-last in the division.

By my math, Pujols stands to make $74,074 every single time he plays a game this season, so he had already banked $2,148,148 before he left the yard for the first time on Sunday afternoon.

Now, those four season tickets, hotel suite on every road trip and every other perk he is contractually…

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  1. The article you quote begins with a fallicy. The Angels are paying him all that money to be Albert Pujols, which is to say a batting average hovering around .300 with many homeruns, but that means the Angels are paying him to hit a lot more singles and doubles than homeruns. The homeruns are gravy not the entire point. :)
    – Kristen


    • Actually… This Is PUJOLS We’re Talkin’ About.
      .300+AVG, 30+Homers, 100+RBI, 100+Runs, and More Walking Than Striking-Out.
      That’s What They’re Paying For.
      Last Season Was The 1st Time He Didn’t Achieve Those Stats. That’s Why He’s Making His Money, And That’s What The LAA Are Payin’ Him To Do.
      And I Don’t Think He’s Gonna Do It.
      Plus They’re Paying Him To Be PUJOLS, Which Is One Of The Biggest Name In Professional Baseball, Ya Know?! ;)


  2. The numbers for Pujols have gone down consistently over the last three years. I am beginning to wonder if will ever be the player he was, when he was posting 30 HR, 100 RBI and .300 average seasons year after year.


    • I’ve Only Pulled For The Angels ONCE.
      The 2002 World Series.
      Not That I Loved The Angels…
      …I Just HATED Barry Bonds.
      I Wanted Him To Lose So So SO BADLY.
      And He Did.
      After That, I Was Back To Not Caring About L.A. hahahahahaha


        • That’s True. They Were Just The Anaheim Angels At That Point. Now They’re The L.A. Angels Of Anaheim HAHAHA That’s Still Hard To Say. Just Sounds So Silly. I Liked The California Angels, Honestly. ;)


          • You say they’re the LA Angels now?

            When they first came to Southern California as an expansion team in (I believe) 1962, they WERE briefly the LA Angels. Then, for many years they were the California Angels, which was kinda cool because they represented the entire Golden State and were owned by a cowboy. Then, when Disney had visions of a multi-sport empire, they went with Anaheim.
            But you say they’re calling themselves LA now? Not to say you’re wrong, but I was driving on the 57 about a month ago, and sure enough, the Big A (pronounced Bi-Gay) was still right there smack dab in the heart of Anaheim, which isn’t even in the same COUNTY as Los Angeles. Why, if your claim were true, the Angels wouldn’t just be a heinous ball club, but filthy liars of the lowest order.


            • And incidentally, the 2002 WS is, along with 2010, my least favorite WS ever. I was on a train heading to Washington, DC. I believe they had JUST caught the Washington shooter (John Muhammad, I think his name was), and I remember thinking it was a shame he didn’t make a stop in Anaheim or SF before they got him.

              2010 was likewise chock full of suck because, although as a rule I invariably root against teams from Texas, I f*cking hate the Giants. If I didn’t already loathe the Rangers, imagine how I feel about rooting for them–against every natural instinct mind you–and having those smegma-blossoms go and lose.


          • Yes, the name is stupid – and it is, it really, really is. But how terribly original for everyone to point that out today. For the record, I preferred the California Angels myself because the major league Angels were the first MLB team born in California and that’s something the team should celebrate…but I would ever prefer Anaheim Angels to the current bit of silliness. Well, it looks like the conversation took several especially…um…classy turns after this, so I think I’ll take my leave until another post. Cheers. Good luck to your Royals tonight. I’d love to see another team beat on Boston just ’cause.
            – Kristen


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