Sooo… The Red-Sox Are Rollin’ The Dice On… Bobby Valentine?!? Really?!?!?



…While I Had Said To Someone “$10 Says Bobby V Takes Over BeanTown”…

…It Really Just Feels Strange To Know He Actually IS.

I Honestly DID Enjoy Watching Those 1999 & 2000 New York Mets. An AMAZING Infield, FO FLIPPIN' SHO!

Honestly, I See Him as (potentially) The Red-Sox-Version of Joe Torre.

A Good Guy with A Not-So-Good Track-Record as a Major-League Manager…

…Who’s ONLY Possible Fear Is “Fired Again, eh?!”

What Do They Call It…

…”I’m Playin’ with The House’s Money.”

That’s How I See Bobby V in Boston.

The Question Is…

…Will Boston Take-In Valentine like New York Did with Torre??? ???

The Mustache May Be Phony... BUT He May Not Be. We Shall See, Eh?!!?!

(An Article About The Hiring:

It’s Going To Be An Interesting 2012 Season, that’s Fer Dayum Sure!!!


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8 responses to “Sooo… The Red-Sox Are Rollin’ The Dice On… Bobby Valentine?!? Really?!?!?

    • HAHAHA! Very True, Ms. Soxy!
      Right Or Wrong, a Decision PERIOD is BETTER Than Nothing…
      …Let’s Just Hope It’s A Bit Better Than Just Being Better Than Nothing ;-)


    • Uh… hmm… “Clear”?! Maybe?!
      I’m Not Sure I’d Trust The Man to Sit The Right Way on a Toilet Seat… but He’s Good at Being Almost Good. So I wouldn’t put the “Clear” part past him ;-)


    • Yeah. Bobby V has ALWAYS Had “Ego-Issues” to be SURE.
      If There’s ONE MAJOR-LEAGUE WAY He Will NEVER Be The Next Joe Torre, it’s That Damned EGO.
      Joe Torre Was a PRO at Being HUMBLE.
      I Don’t Even Know If Bobby V knows the Word “Humble”…
      …let alone WHAT “Humble” Means ;-)


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